5569 Saturday small Florida Spring members enjoyed a new location for our January Rally …. Venice Memorial Gardens.  David and Joanne were wonderful hosts, ensuring that we 5552 Saturday Afternoon Happy Hour small had great restaurants for breakfast and dinner, tips on places to explore and making sure our rally style camping  went off without a hitch.  The Saturday night potluck and bonfire topped off 3 days of fun and fellowship in the Venice area.

Camping behind the Memorial Gardens was quiet and  5566 Playful Pets smallserene, plenty of space to hike around the lake, plus enjoy the peacefulness of the Memorial Gardens.  We also had the chance to look at some of David’s toys, a collection of vintage tractors, a restored military jeep and several other unique things.  As a  member of the Florida Flywheelers, he gets several chances each year to show off  his collection while enjoying the other members in this unique club.

With everyone having a great time, we’ll return in January 2016 for another rally at the same location.